Monday, 16 February 2009


I totally love chaps from g2recruitment(dot)com - sorry don’t want to put a link on them. Once, very long ago, I was looking for job and I was stupid enough to send my CV to them. Bah - that was a major fuck-up on my side.

Since then, every day they are sending me email with various positions, 99% of them are absolutely, totally irrelevant to what my CV says (I bet they didn’t read it and just done some automated keyword matching). Best of all things is - in order to unsubscribe of this spam, I should login to their system and unsubscribe manually, and since I forgot my password, I cannot do it - because password recovery simply doesn’t work; idiots managers answer about 1/10th of my “UNSUBSCRIBE!!!” emails stating that they can’t really do anything with it.

What a crap they are! I hope I’d never search for new job with this guys :)

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