Thursday, 19 February 2009


Another idea for geolocation-related service. C’mon, I give it out for free!

  1. Using GPS-enabled communication device, defining zones - “Home”, “Work”, “Parents”, “Tesco over the corner”

  2. Assigning each zone some tasks:

    • “Home” -> “Pay the bill from nPower”

    • “Work” -> “Talk to boss about holidays”

    • “Parents” -> “Ask if they’ll take our cat for two weeks”

    • “Tesco” -> “No sugar at home! How can I drink coffee now?”

  3. Well… start walking! As soon as you get into one of the zones, your GPS enabled device will blow up with a burst of reminders.

Few issues though, one of them - constant checking of GPS location may be too battery-consuming. Possible workaround - do a geolocation of several levels:

  1. Most rough - GSM-based positioning

  2. If we understand, that we’re somewhere in the area of one of the zones - try to use wi-fi geolocation

  3. If we’re really close to the zone - do a beep

  4. If wi-fi positioning isn’t available - use (A-)GPS.

This way it may save awful amount of battery power while still providing good positioning.

Anyone up for doing such thingie? :-)

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