Friday, 8 May 2009


Another idea, this time for Twitter/FireEagle mash-up. Out there in a wild there’s a number of apps, which can update your FireEagle location, or Twitter status/location, or both, or take it from one and put to another… What I here suggest is a most simple thing you can probably imagine.

It’s simple, really: a service which monitors your location on FireEagle and Twitter and why should we limit us just with two services? Any location-based service which has an open API will do. Whenever it detects that you have updated a location on one of the services, it broadcasts it to all others - so you can you use favourite Twitter client (say, TwitterPhone) to update your FireEagle location, and keep your Twitter location up-to-date whenever you launch Yofe on your iPhone. 

Anyone wanna take it? :)

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