Tuesday, 25 August 2009

BOSE, don't be so greedy!

I am an owner (a proud and rather happy one) of the BOSE Mobile on-ear headphones. For those of you who don’t know, all the mobileness of these headphones (and thus - a difference from significantly less expensive BOSE on-ear headphones) is that you get an audio lead with a microphone, which may be connected to your mobile telephone (iPhone’s naturally included) so you can use it as a headset. Frustratingly, it has no remote control for iPhone and once someone calls you, you still need to take your iPhone out and slide the green arrow).

To make a long story short - this cable has died. It has died and the right headphone started to disappear (while still working should you plug-in headphones to the audio source directly using the tiny 1” wire on the left headphone). I called up BOSE guys and was given a generous offer - I send them my headphones, pay £50 and get a new BOSE mobile headphones. Practically a bargain. After I gracefully refused it, they’ve suggested to go and buy a cable only - this time for ridiculous £39.95.

No, this not gonna work, I said to myself. Indeed, paying forty quid for just a few wires - that’s not a good deal. So I thought a little - if I can connect headphones to my iPhone directly, this means … oh hold on - isn’t this a standard 3.5 headphones jack on the left speaker of my headphones?

So I went to eBay and bought Griffin SmartTalk for £13.50 delivery included; now waiting for it and thinking, that sometimes being greedy just doesn’t work nicely even for customers who can afford buying £150 headphones.

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