Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Yahoo! Calendar on your Mac and iPhone

So, think twice when asking yourself “Do I really need that MobileMe if I only want the push email and my calendars in sync”? The answer is likely to be “NO!”, because since version 3.0 of iPhone (and with a current beta release of Yahoo! Calendar) you can easily keep all your events in sync.

Firstly, make sure, that you’re using the beta version of Yahoo! Calendar. To do this, go to and ensure that you’re on a bleeding edge. Few simple steps to make it work on your iPhone.

  1. Take your iPhone and go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

  2. Tap “Add Account”

  3. Tap “Other” and select “Add CalDAV Account”.

  4. For the “Server” just type “yahoo” - it’ll figure it out.

  5. Enter your Yahoo! username and password which you use to log-in into your Mail and Calendar.

  6. Click “Next”, wait for iPhone to verify your settings - and you’re done!

Now fire up iCal app on your iPhone and you will see an extra calendar, which you can use like your local - with an only difference whichever changes you make, they will immediately appear on your web-based Yahoo! Calendar.

To make it work on your Mac, just follow these simple instructions on Yahoo! Calendar’s help pages.

That is it chaps, your Yahoo! Calendar should be now on your Mac and on your iPhone - and should it happen you’re separated from your beloved gadgets, you can always type in any web browser to see all your meetings and appointments.

Event in your Yahoo! Calendar:

…is in your iCal:

…and on your iPhone!

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