Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My O2 iPhone App - easy and convenient, does what it says

So, you would really like to now, how much longer can you use your inclusive minutes and text, or want to see, when your next bill is due or how much did you pay the last time? There's an app for that! Recently released My O2 app is a tiny brilliant - does what it says, easily and simply – no more, and no less.

Main screen simply shows you the most important information – well, for me it's not that bad, as the last bill was just yesterday and I am unlikely to put the needle to the left-most position. But, I can easily see what I want to, and that's pretty much enough. You can also view your last bill summary, your recent charges (I found out how much one minute costs me when I'm in Spain!) – and even view your tariff details, which is something totally amazing if you need just a quick reference, on what you're paying. Honestly, O2 - you did a great job and my congratulations are well-deserved!

Grab it while it's hot! (via O2 Blog)

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