Saturday, 17 October 2009

Palm Pre in O2

Got my hands on highly acclaimed Palm Pre in O2 Store. So, it's not yet another iPhone killer (which mostly killed themselves), but - finally, it's a real competitor to Apple Phone.

The mobile phone looks pretty sturdy, is significantly smaller than iPhone though thicker too (see photographs of the phone in hand). Hardware keyboard is good and responsive, but to my taste buttons are too small - at least, iPhone keyboard looks preferable to me.

Phone feels very good in hand - probably, that's the case when size does really matter. Web OS seems to be fairly fast and responsive, although I didn't have much time to play with it properly. As I said, this phone finally appears to me as a first real competitor to iPhone - due to combination of size, weight, hardware keyboard and well-recognised brand (c'mon - Palm been at this market long and long before Apple has ever though about the iPhone!) I believe Palm Pre will find it's customers. All what I can say - it's really great, after all, Apple's been on it's own for far too long in this market!

(thanks to my lovely wife for helping me out with these photographs!)

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