Thursday, 29 October 2009

Sequel Pro - fantastic Mac OS X front-end for MySQL

I bet you're either using MySQL, or going to use it or at least heard of it – I hardly believe anyone of reading my Twitter or blog are not exposed to this field at all. Hence, if you've ever used MySQL you have probably asked yourself a question – "where can I find a decent front-end application"? Of course, there's PhpMyAdmin as well as many others, and they're fine, really ... except they're web applications, and most of us still prefer something which runs on our machine locally - after all, it's totally different experience.

Now, if you're lucky enough to use Mac (and I see absolutely no reasons why you should not) – you've got an app for that, too! Sequel Pro gives you great database navigation, with ability to access server via SSH tunnel (as, obviously, not all servers are exposed to outer world and in fact, most are not). You can do practically all you want via it's UI - view and edit tables' structure, add or change indexes, view the content of even very large tables, and, of course, run SQL queries on the database. And, best of all - it's free! Try and you won't regret – and I can just say "Thank You!" to the guys who made it available.

On the screenshots: Sequel Pro accessing MySQL database with loaded Wikipedia dump via SSH tunnel.


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