Thursday, 12 November 2009

On men, women and feminism

Often when I am reading articles like this, I want to ask myself a question: why some people, who are (presumably) sane and educated, fail to understand one tiny little thing – men and women are indeed different. No matter how hard feminists will try, they will not change it, ever. I agree that sexism is bad. I agree that there should be equal opportunities for men and women. Furthermore, I strongly believe, that people are born equal, irrespective of their gender, skin colour, religion or habits. 

However, when I hear something "this can be offending to women!" I want to say only one thing: in most of the cases it is offending not to women, but to one particular woman (and, this woman was actively seeking for a way to get offended and shout about it). Why lots of women are happy to live their lives - and be happy in their way, rather than fight for some miraculous women rights? Megan Fox told one very good thing (in that article): "...women should be empowered by it, not degraded". And I think that's a brilliant true - we're born equal, yet different and it would be a very miserable world if there would be no difference between the man and the woman. 

(also, which is my personal opinion and I don't mean to offend anyone, but if woman acts like man, looks like man, speaks like man, and requires to be treated like man, then there's something clearly wrong with this woman).

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