Tuesday, 12 January 2010

iPhone 3G, push-only email and battery life.

Yesterday I realised, that I am way too tired of my new iPhone's battery dying at 11PM every day — and if on every day it was dying at 11PM which is somewhat acceptable, on a bad day it died at 9PM just when I was leaving university building, looking forward for 30 minutes on a train accompanied by my iPod, ebook, RSS news or what's not. Now, that annoyed me — annoyed me much, and I decided it's a time to do something with it.

Yesterday I took a look at my email accounts on iPhone. 4 of them: MobileMe, my university email, Gmail for public stuff and my very private email. I switched off three of them, and set up a forwarding to my Gmail account. Then I switched my Gmail to Exchange. And that was it.

Dear, that was a difference. Today was a fruitful day and I received about a 100 emails on combination of my email accounts. I used Internet quite a bit, I listened to few podcasts and music, posted a number of updates using Tweetie, read Stephen King's book for about an hour during my commute, breakfast and very late after-work lunch, and you know what? 

Now it's 18:23. Battery on my iPhone is still full. I'm not kidding. That what it shows: it's full. I don't have any battery-monitoring utilities as I hardly feel any need in them, but I see, that despite all my unintentional efforts, iPhone's battery is still healthy as hell. And it couldn't make me happier.

There're just to simple things you need to understand from whatever I've written above:
  1. The fewer email accounts your iPhone checks, the longer it's battery will last.
  2. Checking email only when you have new email rather than every N minutes saves your battery even further.
That is it, chaps — hope my experience will help someone to save some of iPhone juice just enough for his or her way back home.

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