Monday, 18 January 2010

Looking for alpha-testers for a new Twitter App

Update: it is not working right now. Now read on, but I warned you.

Hey guys,

I've kind of handcrafted a Twitter app over the weekend. Shortly — it's a URL scrap book, which monitors your feed and collects all URLs, un-shortens them and stores for future use, so whenever you try to find that link you posted a week ago, you shouldn't be lurking over your Twitter feed (as Twitter Search is unlikely to help), you simply go to this app and find it there.

Now, it's early alpha. It's working. Search is sort of working. Multi-word search is broken and phrase search is broken too, probably, it will remain that way until the next release of Google's AppEngine. However, this app is already useful — at least I was able to find one of URLs I've been looking for for ages.

What it can do? It can import your feed. It can monitor it. It can even import as much as 3200 your previous status updates (only ones with URLs are stored).

And it's in progress. It will become more powerful, so much more powerful — it's difficult to imagine, how many useful information is stored in Twitter status updates. But for now it's only alpha — hence access is naturally restricted. If you're interested in testing it — please let me know and I will sign you up (for now this is an only way of doing so — that was done on purpose).

Few teasers just to keep your interest :-)



P.S. if you're good with design and would like to sharpen your skills — do let me know. I'm notoriously bad when it comes to making something look good, and probably nothing and no one can help me with it; however, you can help this app look better, so if you're interested — contact me by any means.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

P.P.S. For you, techno-geeks — it's made with Google AppEngine, Django, Twitter OAuth and REST API and uses semi-ready full-text search functionality of AppEngine (thus search is semi-broken). And yes, I intentionally made screenshots from localhost — so I don't spoil the secret location :-)

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