Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New iPhone adapter for headphones: here we go again

Do you remember a while ago I posted about replacing my broken Griffin SmartTalk? Well, they replaced it — indeed they did. And guess what? It got broken again. In the very same place — where the cable connects to the jack. Same symptoms. Same problem. Same product. I decided not to hassle their customer support, because the best they can do is to send me another one which will again break in a couple of months — repeat until the warranty expires. 

So I decided it's a time to fix the root cause of the problem. Virtually all cheap headphones (and adapters too) have this problem, so I decided to get the one from Shure (which was a recommended accessory for my Shure SE 210 headphones — which I'm extremely happy with). So, I got myself a Shure MPA-3C.

I think photos say enough, finally answering the question why it shouldn't break in a months or two. Very solidly looking thick cable, protected jack connection, not thin and elegant by any standards, but seriously built, sturdy and durable, or at least it looks this way.

Hope this will sort the problem out, but now my music experience is Shure all the way through (except my iPhone, but everybody knows Shure doesn't produce any decent iPhones).  

Well, may be they should?

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