Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Cycling along CycleStreets.net

Shortly — it works. Took me almost an hour to get through 12 km — mainly because many times I slowed down to actually understand, where should I turn, as GPS (being guided by pre-defined route) provided me very little help should something go wrong. But I did it anyway — and CycleStreets did show that:

  1. It is possible to plan an (almost) traffic-free route in London. Well, relatively traffic free of course, but you know what I mean

  2. They indeed know about most unidentifiable passages and streets in London

  3. They don't give a .. well, they don't give practically anything about one-ways, so if you're following their route — watch for traffic signs!

Otherwise — that was immensely cool, I got from uni to home following streets most of them I've never seen, even though I live, work or study just next corner. Try it yourself — I'm very positive about it!

And this is how the route supposed to look:

Screen shot 2010-03-16 at 09.02.33.jpg

They are not really that different. By the way, any ideas how to plot two GPX tracks on one map just to compare them?

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