Saturday, 13 March 2010

Few pictures from #wherecampeu

Here's a #wherecampeu schedule for Friday. Looks simple, huh?


And here's a classic blackmail photo — Holger @HD42 Dürer betrays Linux (which is apparently not able to cope with such a thing as a wireless network) and uses MacBook


Few more photographs after the break with a free bonus: picture myself and Walter @Andrag — kudos to Gary @vicchi Gale for having his iPhone ready!

@vicchi himself, opens #wherecampeu


Guys are listening carefully, trying not to fall asleep. Admitted, metadata is crap.


Chris @osbornec Osborne didn't make it — it's been a tough day for #wherecampeu organisers.


Pudgy guy in a purple Yahoo! Labs t-shirt with a browny and a cup of coffee is me, naturally — with a smiling-beard-man Walter @Andrag in a background.


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