Sunday, 15 February 2009


Still thinking about the education, MSc and all that kind of stuff. On one hand, I’d really love to go and obtain a degree not only because of degree itself, but to put all what I know into some form of system before it gets too late (and I finally forget everything I studied for almost 6 years). On the other hand, not much courses I’ve seen are of real interest for me (do they really think they can tell me something about database design? or about “C++ and object-oriented programming”? then I can only recommend them to go and think again).

For sure you haven’t seen many people with three or more hands, but in this particular case, on the third hand if I’m allowed to say that, is the price of this education - Natalie’s studying now, although her employeer pays 50% of her education fees. Ah, forgot to mention - for overseas students fees are normally 4 to 6 times higher (and I am just that - overseas student for chaps at unis). which doesn’t help at all. For example, the one I’m really interested in is £7764 p.a. - and it’s not the cheapest one.

Finally, on the “fourth hand” (OK, let’s admit I’ve created a four-handed monster here), if my dear employeer agrees to pay for me (hypothetically) it practically binds me and grounds at where I work for next couple of years. Not saying that it’s bad (I can’t be fired in this case either), but should something go very wrong… (but they won’t pay anyway, so nothing to worry about).

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