Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Very amused by recently received “Watching the English” by Kate Fox. Ah yes I do understand that I’ll never reach that level of exposure into English culture and language and habits (bad habits included) that people will starting thinking I’m English - but that wasn’t a purpose anyway. What makes me think this is a good book is that now I finally start to understand many things which made me “rather confused” when I initially came here; certain things which I thought were weird now seem plainly English to me.

I absolutely, totally, utterly loved the chapter on English way of introducing yourself, making small talk and saying goodbye - it was so hilarious, that I laughed out loud in the train and on the station and on the train again, not being able to stop reading this damn book - I laughed not only because of the book itself, but when I started to recognize certain things I’ve seen English people do (and the way they do it).

And yes, even though I’m still reading it, I can say with no hesitations, that this is one of the most useful books I ever read, inclusive of my ABC book. Get it. Read it. It worth it.

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