Wednesday, 4 March 2009


Feel very very stupid indeed - the amp I’ve been looking too went for £52 — which is ridicilously low price — but I didn’t get it.

I use AuctionSniper, which puts bids 3 seconds before auction is completed, it’s very convenient and I won lots of items for quite a low price (competitors simply don’t have enough of time to overbid you). I used it this time as well, but … 3 days ago I changed my eBay password. Well, it was just a routine change, I do it every couple of months, so nothing was wrong … until I received an email from AuctionSniper, saying that eBay rejected my bid due to “Incorrect login/password”.

Damn!!! Why this bloody looser sniper didn’t tell me about it when I only placed a limit? Grrrrrr feeling extremely angry with myself, and now closest possible price is well above 100 for the same unit.

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