Thursday, 19 March 2009


Today was a day of great wonders for me.

My first wonder was (an only unpleasant one) that my iPhone suddenly stopped finding the O2 cellular network - specifically at my working place; should I come down to the ground floor level - it works, should go to the meeting room - it works, should I come back - it doesn’t. Tried all the usual tricks - like “did you try to turn it off and on again” © — as well as re-installing the firmware and resetting it to factory settings - nothing worked. So that was the time for my second wonder —

…I called O2 and they - after quick over-the-phone diagnostics told me, that problem is apparently in the handset, and advised me to go to Apple Store, to Carphone Warehouse or to the nearest O2 store — precisely in this order of preference, as it likely to have direct impact on how long it may take to sort the problem out.

I went to Apple’s website — and found empty Genius Bar timeslot at Westfield’s Apple Store — may be not the closest one (as Apple Store @ Regent st is within the walking distance), but it took me only 25 minutes to get there

Westfield. Huge, huuuuuuuuuuuge mall - well they say it’s a biggest one in Europe — so I’ve got every damn reason to believe them. Although when it came to locating the Apple Store, I quickly made my way to one of their touchscreen terminals, and in 3 or 4 taps I got a route on the screen which I should follow - as simple as that, really difficult to lost your way.

In Apple Store - well, I was asked to wait 10 minutes which turned out to be only 6 minutes waiting — but after that the gentleman at the Genius Bar (namely Mr Gary Mercury) quickly asked me couple of questions (not unlike the ones gentlemen from O2 has asked), and after that made a blunt proposal to replace my iPhone - right here, right now. Minimum paperwork - two signatures that I’ve got a backup and I’m aware that my data will be destroyed - and a new black, shiny polished iPhone is in my hand. It was quite empty - no music, no books, so I downloaded a MacBreak podcast via the Apple Store’s wireless - and departed

My last wonder was - when me and another chap discussed iPhone’s problem in my twitter tonight, we’ve mentioned word ‘carphone warehouse’. Two minutes after that a guy appeared in my twitter, asking do I have any problems with CW and whether I need any help. Look, it’s so really simple - to have a search on certain keywords, and simply ask if people are unhappy with their telephone, service or whatsoever, connected to Carphone Warehouse (assuming they can advise something afterwards) - but it makes clients see that they’re really taken care of.

So, today was a day of many wonders - quite a good day I would say. So good night everyone — and see you tomorrow!

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