Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Dear Flickr! May I please have a feature of finding all photographs I taken at specific place and within N metres/kilometres/miles of it? If you won’t do it, dear Flickr, I’ll do it myself and earn tons of cash – so don’t blame me for that please!

Right now I am tagging my photographs for that: for example, photographs taken at Sa Foradada – this tag is set automatically as long as GPS coordinates reverse geocoding works smoothly, but for certain places it doesn’t, so I need to tag it manually or add a locality into IPTC data.

So, finally, dear Flickr – please do it for good!

Friday, 3 April 2009


New feature of Tumblr which I have never seen - if you ask a question in your post (yes, in plain English), it recognizes it, and adds an option: “Let people answer this”. If you check it, they - indeed - will be able to answer your question (which isn’t exactly a comment, something different instead).

Let’s try. Did you know about it?


Few more notes on Mobile Me’s “Back to my Mac”:

  1. It exposes (to you only, presumably) your Mac’s folders, so you can mount them via AFP and work like with any other - and it doesn’t matter, that your computer is behind router/NAT. 

  2. It forwards Spotelight searches to your remote Mac’s Spotlight, so it works - first, works with a speed of light (that what you expect from Spotlight, don’t you?).

And, I wrote already that you can use your remote Mac as a very expensive CCTV camera - quite convenient, if you’re away.

What are you using of MobileMe’s features?