Monday, 8 June 2009


So chaps - is still down, and from the sound of their emails I feel like their data is completely lost - I have no bloody idea, how did it happen, but it did - which means,, and even tiny are all lost. To say it’s frustrating is to say nothing. Nothing, really!

On the bright side, there’s still, which contains lots of geeky crap, though every post from was crossposted - and given the fact, that most of records contains back-link to the original blog, it is being possible to filter only records which I need and upload it to brand new soon-to-be Feels like I will do it soon, very soon - unless these idiots (beam of hate and death to all of them!) won’t find their backups.

Friday, 5 June 2009


This week was especially long and nasty; so many things happened or keep happening, that somehow that’d be enough for a good month, not overwhelmed with events - both pleasant and not. But anyway, glad this week is over, phew….

Monday, 1 June 2009


Sometimes the fact, that Mozilla apps are not integrated into OS X well enough is a good thing: I am using SSH tunnel to my work corporate proxy server rather than buggy and slow Cisco VPN. After I get tunnel up, I fire up Firefox as my browser and Postbox as my mail client - both use localhost:8888 as a SOCKS proxy. Works brilliantly, and in the meantime system is still connected to the internet directly, so I can see my home network without any issues and experience no delay related to sending data through the VPN. 

By the way, did I ever say - Postbox works really really well, and can be compared only with Apple’s native client? Well, it doesn’t use OS X’s system-wide proxy - but, as I just said, it’s not always that bad!