Wednesday, 8 July 2009


So what - Google OS is finally on the horizon and what does it mean for us? Let’s try to think about it from multiple perspectives.

  1. As a user, I can’t really say, whether I will benefit of yet another operating system. So far I’ve been quite happy with my Mac OS X and not planning to leave it anytime soon, quite the contrary, I hope that it’ll develop further on. On the other hand, millions and millions of Microsoft Windows users don’t really care about any other operating system different from what they have installed on their desktops, laptops and netbooks.

  2. As a developer and geek in nature, I’m quite inspired with a new system which may see the light of day; something new is not always something good, though chaps from Google had shown that they have a good taste in innovations - so it may be something very cool and intriguing. Though, it may be not - but we will see.

  3. As a person who is deeply involved into IT business, my opinion is quite self-contradictive. On the one hand, more competition is always good, it makes other players more responsive to what their customers are asking; in spite of this fact even MacBook Nano (Mini?) can see the light of the day. On the other hand, Google has a great potential for becoming a second Microsoft in a far worse incarnation - he will not only have our data and very private information, but our hardware as well – they have very good chances to lock their users up in the Google loop - not by using any restrictive measures like, say, Apple, but just because users won’t need anything else; that’s what Microsoft was trying to do for such a long time - and Google can really succeed with it. It is worrying at least.

So is it good or bad? By the end of the day, only market will give a final answer; we can even see a scenario when Google spends an immense amount of money developing their Chrome OS, and when they realise the bet is too high and it’s too late to make any adjustments,  Google may well become a colossus with a feet of clay.

Therefore, an only thing I’m sure so far is that something interesting will happen - as official Google Blog says, we shall see something in the fall (that’s how those chaps that side of the pond name the autumn) - let’s really enjoy our summer until then.