Monday, 31 August 2009

Looking through old photographs

Photographs are smiles that last forever
Snowmen that can never melt away
Birthday celebrations caught in amber
Rescued from the vaults of yesterday

 Faces that were once more dear than diamonds
Boys who kept you up until the dawn
Houses filled with bicycles and babies
Ghosts who left their shadows on the lawn

 Then turn the page And see the children grow
The adults age, the lovers come and go

 Photographs are holes in time's grey curtain
Through them we can peek into the past
Call upon our parents and our children
Pop a cork with members of the cast

 There they are, the days of jazz and joy-rides
Snaps of magic moments lit by laughs
If you ever find my house on fire
Leave the silver, save the photographs.

 Fran Landesman

Saturday, 29 August 2009

My sister

Especially nice photograph - almost accidental, as most of my good shots.

Camden Market

Few more pictures from Camden Market - photographs of Sofia and Natalie should follow at some time.

Lots, lots of them can be found on my Flickr

Night computing

The red spot on the right is, obviously, the Microsoft's IntelliMouse.


...with Natalie and Sofia; soon will be off for Camden market - myself is anxious to know, WTF I'll be doing there while girls are shopping.

Walks with my sister and 50mm

Yep, my sister indeed is in London. And she's doing pretty well, you see!

We had a nice walk  down the London streets – from Soho to Hyde Park, via Piccadilly and Green Park, photographing everywhere within our reach and behaving like a real, natural tourists!

Rest of the photographs are here in my Flickr.

The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak In 1651, when King Charles of Scotland, son of the recently executed Charles I, and his army met Oliver Cromwell’s troops at Worcester, they were soon on the run. With Cromwell’s men on their heels, Charles Giffard, King Charles's adviser, knew that they had to move fast. A reward of £1,000, a vast sum of money, had been offered for the king’s capture, so Giffard disguised the monarch as a woodsman.

Samuel Pepys later wrote: “[Giffard] told me . . . that he knew but one way how to pass the next day, and that was to get up into the great oak, in a pretty plain place where we might see round about us, for the enemy would certainly search at the wood for people that had made their escape. . . While we were in this tree we saw soldiers going up and down in the thicket of the wood, searching for persons escaped.”

It took another six weeks before the young king was finally smuggled to safety in France. He finally returned to London on May 29, 1660. In 1664 this day was made a national holiday to mark the Restoration and was officially called “Oak Apple Day” in honour of the oak tree that had protected the king from certain death.

It was surprise to me to find out the history behind the innumerable amount of the Royal Oaks here in the UK. Rest of "The stories behind Britain's pub names" also worth some attention.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Testing Posterous

Posterous looks quite cool. Just wondering whether it can handle HTML emails with links to other websites?

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Yahoo! Calendar on your Mac and iPhone

So, think twice when asking yourself “Do I really need that MobileMe if I only want the push email and my calendars in sync”? The answer is likely to be “NO!”, because since version 3.0 of iPhone (and with a current beta release of Yahoo! Calendar) you can easily keep all your events in sync.

Firstly, make sure, that you’re using the beta version of Yahoo! Calendar. To do this, go to and ensure that you’re on a bleeding edge. Few simple steps to make it work on your iPhone.

  1. Take your iPhone and go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar.

  2. Tap “Add Account”

  3. Tap “Other” and select “Add CalDAV Account”.

  4. For the “Server” just type “yahoo” - it’ll figure it out.

  5. Enter your Yahoo! username and password which you use to log-in into your Mail and Calendar.

  6. Click “Next”, wait for iPhone to verify your settings - and you’re done!

Now fire up iCal app on your iPhone and you will see an extra calendar, which you can use like your local - with an only difference whichever changes you make, they will immediately appear on your web-based Yahoo! Calendar.

To make it work on your Mac, just follow these simple instructions on Yahoo! Calendar’s help pages.

That is it chaps, your Yahoo! Calendar should be now on your Mac and on your iPhone - and should it happen you’re separated from your beloved gadgets, you can always type in any web browser to see all your meetings and appointments.

Event in your Yahoo! Calendar:

…is in your iCal:

…and on your iPhone!

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Update: ??-??????.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

BOSE, don't be so greedy!

I am an owner (a proud and rather happy one) of the BOSE Mobile on-ear headphones. For those of you who don’t know, all the mobileness of these headphones (and thus - a difference from significantly less expensive BOSE on-ear headphones) is that you get an audio lead with a microphone, which may be connected to your mobile telephone (iPhone’s naturally included) so you can use it as a headset. Frustratingly, it has no remote control for iPhone and once someone calls you, you still need to take your iPhone out and slide the green arrow).

To make a long story short - this cable has died. It has died and the right headphone started to disappear (while still working should you plug-in headphones to the audio source directly using the tiny 1” wire on the left headphone). I called up BOSE guys and was given a generous offer - I send them my headphones, pay £50 and get a new BOSE mobile headphones. Practically a bargain. After I gracefully refused it, they’ve suggested to go and buy a cable only - this time for ridiculous £39.95.

No, this not gonna work, I said to myself. Indeed, paying forty quid for just a few wires - that’s not a good deal. So I thought a little - if I can connect headphones to my iPhone directly, this means … oh hold on - isn’t this a standard 3.5 headphones jack on the left speaker of my headphones?

So I went to eBay and bought Griffin SmartTalk for £13.50 delivery included; now waiting for it and thinking, that sometimes being greedy just doesn’t work nicely even for customers who can afford buying £150 headphones.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


If you chose to live in this country, you live by its rules. There is no such thing as a la carte citizenship and, in your case, there is no such thing as a la carte obedience to the law.

Mrs Justice Rafferty, London Royal Court of Justice


The Ten Commandments should be rewritten to help both newly arriving immigrants and schoolchildren. The most important being: thou shalt honour thy mother and thy father and thy home secretary. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, unless the is an MP. Thou shalt not steal, unless thou has a parliamentary expense account. And thou shalt not kill, unless thou work for the Metropolitan police.

Who wants to be a citizen? - Shazia Mirza,

Monday, 3 August 2009

My First Blog Post

OK, here we go - that ought to be something new, as exclusively email-to-blog solutions isn't something I've ever seen.