Monday, 21 September 2009

Two questions to Posterous

Hi guys,
First - thanks again for a nice service, themes are really cool and I'm really going to do some heavy-weight customisation over the weekend! Now, two questions:
1. Is there any way to hide past of the post behind the "read more" link? Like in LiveJournal or '' in WordPress? That may definitely help to make Posterous more solid and professional blogging tool.
2. Is there any way to convert tags into twitter hashtags? So, if I tag this post (you see - I'm CCing!) with "posterous" tag, can it be converted into #posterous on Twitter?
3. (oi! there're three questions actually!) – can we have an option of sending content which will be processed by Markdown OR at least sending HTML source? Say, I want to include snippets of code into my post, so I'd prefer to have `int a = 128` or at least int a = 128; feature.
Thanks again!

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