Tuesday, 22 September 2009

VoIP calls via 3G from your iPhone

What if you're away from any wifi or desk phone with a fancy "All World Unlimited" price plan (i.e. your work phone), and you still need to make that long international call urgently? Apple says there's nothing you can do about it and you must use your provider's international tarif.

Independent developers who don't bother putting their app to AppStore disagree. 3G is just another source of the Internet, and if Steve, O2, AT&T & co doesn't want youto use it the way you like - worse for them. Because tiny app Siphone (apparently, SIP + telephone) works nicely via your 3G connection, and all you need is a SIP account with some money on it (I use voipcheap.com for that backup purpose - they're crap, but none of them is any better). This morning I had a call with my wife (who's meeting with some of her clients in Moscow) and chatted for 15 minutes; guess how much should I pay if I use O2's international tarif?

Anyway, Siphone is a little gem and if you have your iPhone jailbroken, you have absolutely no reasons not to install it. Do it. Now.

Roman Kirillov

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