Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Windows 7 impressions

OK, so I've installed it (in form of a free 90-day preview version distributed by Redmond guys) and it's running in VirtualBox on my MacBook. It's running OK, really. Certain things do really make me happy - the taskbar, which uses the screen space in more optimal way is one of them; really nice and streamlined GUI is another. Snipping Tool, a nice little utility for taking screenshots - is just what many Windows users been asking for many years, is not built-in and shipped as a part of operating system - this could be a real win, but ... you see - I can make a screenshot of a part of the screen. I can draw something using pen or highlighter. What else can I need? Probably, draw an arrow and write some text - and this cannot be done. So, it's not win, really – and it lacks only a tiny feature.

 To be perfectly honest with you, it's very unlikely that I will use it IRL any time soon – I'm poisoned, poisoned long ago by Apple venom, and there's no known vaccine for it, but I must appreciate, what Microsoft is doing - 7 seems to work as fast as XP in virtual machine, and it is way faster than Vista - looks like a right thing to use.

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