Friday, 4 September 2009


Something what I wanted to do for such a long time - to make publicly available service, which can answer one simple question – what does this WOEID mean? So, I've made it - in a way that anyone can put a link to it with a WOEID in URL. Finally, everyone who wants to find out how does that look like, shouldn't bother getting Yahoo! AppID, read API docs and so on and so forth (I am not saying that reading docs is a bad idea – it's actually very good and you can save a hell lot of time and nerves by doing that, but sometimes, well ... we just don't feel like it). Anyway, take a look and maybe you will find it useful. In my plans to add a geocoder to the app (so you can type not the WOEID but the human-readable name, such as "London, UK").

Ah. Almost forgot. You can find WOEID Info right here

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