Thursday, 8 October 2009

i2reader - ebook for iPhone with dictionary

In my opinion, pictures are pretty much self-explaining. To be brutally honest, software isn't 100% ready for your average user -- it took me a while before I figured, how can I install a dictionary; also, widely-advertised on RipDev's website i2Librarian is ... well, let's say it's even less ready than i2reader itself.

On the other hand, once you've set everything up -- it just works as designed with no problems whatsoever. To lookup a translation just tap-and-hold the word; you can turn pages by sliding them (or tapping left and right sides of the screen, which can be customised in app's preferences) -- that's pretty much all you need to know about i2reader.

Ah yes, and English translation sucks :) I know, these guys are Russian, but after making a brilliant software surely they could spend a little time to find someone who can make a decent translation, couldn't they?

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