Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Huey colour calibration, pink colours and my Macs

I've got a thingie, you know... this colour calibration thingie named Huey. I got a while ago as a birthday gift from my friends, but when I switched to Mac two years ago it suddenly stopped to work (well it did but it produced that horrible pink cast – I couldn't use it and I didn't want to). Yet, a couple of weeks ago I decided that this not gonna work this way and sent a request to Pantone to do something about it. 

So, after some checks they sent me a replacement. I tried it at home and - yes, the same pink cast. Completely devastated, I decided to take it to work and try with my 24" HP monitor (connected to my MacBook).

I took it. And I tried. And it did work!!! Now my MacBook monitor and HP monitor look if not the same, but very similar at least. Actually, I did a very simple trick to make a non-pro version of Huey to work for two monitors: apparently, Pantone guys didn't know you can change the primary monitor (and it calibrates only primary monitor) just by dragging the menu bar in monitors' settings. I did it twice and it worked like a dream!

Seriously, colours are not perfect. I can see it even though probably none of my colleagues will see any difference after working with calibrated monitor for couple of hours. But – it's much better than original non-calibrated colours, and it makes me happy.

One day I'll buy a semi-pro Eye One Display, but until then I'll live with my Huey.

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