Friday, 22 January 2010

Chrome Dictionary — very useful extension, at least for me

OK, fine, I know — an average Englishman is fairly unlikely to need a dictionary when reading in his very own native English; an educated Englishman will hardly need dictionary ever. However, for us, foreigners, expats, or simply people who struggle (to whatever degree) to speak and read the language of Shakespeare, Jane Austen and Austin Powers, this may become handy. 

You see the word. You don't understand it. You double click it. Now you do [understand it and go ahead]. 

That's pretty much the whole usage pattern for a new Google Chrome extension — Google Dictionary, offered, surprisingly, by Google itself. Well, it's not your average dictionary, it looks just a bit more sleek and fun, explaining things in a language which is likely to be understand by someone who doesn't have a PhD in English literature; well, it works for me. Take a look yourself if you're like me — not feeling entirely confident in a grim and dangerous world of irregular verbs, past perfect tenses and their ilk; or again, may be you're just curious. Take a look anyway.

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