Monday, 22 February 2010

Google's commercial — very nice and probably didn't cost a penny

OK, granted — probably they did pay a great deal of money for the idea to that guy (or guys, for all it worths) who invented and wrote a script. However, filming was probably the cheapest in the history of TV commercials ever. Like it. A lot.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Digital Image Processing, Playboy and The Most Famous Image in Computer Science

Have you ever seen this girl? Odds are — if you've ever dealt with image processing as a computer science discipline, then you had — in fact, many times.

You can probably pick any book on the subject and you'll find this picture — perhaps, significantly more than once. I found myself interested in tracking down, who's the girl on this picture; obviously, all I knew was her name — Lena. Quick search has proven that I was not the only one who found it interesting. Go to and find out for yourself, how Playboy's Miss November '72 has become the icon of the computer science. Here you can find the full page scan — slightly NSFW, but she's damn good anyway (and I can understand why computer scientists preferred her to their usual rabbits and landscapes).

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On iPhone Unlock: official + unofficial = ?

I have my iPhone officially unlocked by O2. However, today I had to unlock it unofficially too — naturally, using blackra1n + blacksn0w combination (I've donated for blackra1n once, and now I feel like I need to donate for using blacksn0w — it was my most painless jailbreak and unlock ever). You can ask, why did I do that?

Well, how'd you like a reason: when I swap my SIM cards I am not necessarily at my home iMac so I can connect iPhone to iTunes to do an iActiva..damn, just to activate it! I don't want it, really — it's nowhere simple and counterintuitive like hell: I've activated it already once, and I've unlocked it once — why should I bother doing it every now and then? So I had my iPhone blackra1n'ed, installed blacksn0w — whoa! It turns out, swapping SIM cards could be just that — swapping SIM cards. And this is the way it supposed to work.