Thursday, 18 March 2010

Have you ever tried TrailRunner?

No, really, have you seen it at all? I bet you didn't because otherwise you would've tell the world about it — I'm using it for quite a while now, and I can firmly say: this is a program which just works, and makes my life substantially easier.

What is it anyway? Here you go: I think the screenshot is pretty much self-explaining:

TrailRunner screenshot — click for full resolution

As it follows from the name, it's initial purpose was to track GPS trails of your running, but now it could do much more than that. In short words, it allow you:

  1. Plan routes for cycling, running and hiking, drawing it on the map and uploading to a GPS of your choice.

  2. Importing and analysing your records from GPS — so you can view not only the route itself, but also elevation, pace, speed and so on.

  3. Manage your own library of favourite routes, which you can adjust and load to GPS

  4. Show your routes on different background maps, including Google Maps Satellite, Terrain, Streetmaps, and also OpenStreetMaps and Bing Maps (wow!).

  5. Share your routes on (which I personally adore) and

  6. And so on, and so forth, so go and check the list yourself at

TrailRunner is donationware, and I most definitely consider donating to author — this is so great, when somebody creates a really useful piece of software which just works.

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