Monday, 3 May 2010

Bodean's BBQ: treating your customers fairly


One thing about dealing with clients, who pay you money and you give them something back instead — is that disasters happen. They really do, and this is a sort of a natural law to me — if they didn't, the whole concept of customer service could become an abstract. But how would you deal with the disasters — this, in my opinion, pretty much defines the way company treats customers in general.

Today we had a table booked at Bodean's BBQ at Westbourne Grove for 8PM. When I came there 5 minutes early, I was warmly greeted by firmly closed door and a hand-written note, that due to a power failure, the restaurant is closed, the closest one is in Soho, sorry so much for any inconvenience caused. Draw me surprised. Draw me astounded.

Next thing I, righteously infuriated, called an only number which seemed to answer — Bodean's at Soho. After I finished complaining about my ruined evening, a person who picked up the phone asked me to wait as she'll ask her manager. Next thing happened — a manager, someone Glen, was talking to me.

First thing, he apologised. Then he listened for my rant again. After that he did what surprised me so much that I am writing this post: he suggested to book me a table at Soho branch and pay for a cab from Westbourne Grove to Poland st.

Draw me amazed. Draw me astonished. I have never seen anything like that.

Food was excellent. Service was on a par. Table was — indeed, the best table in seriously overcrowded restaurant. Now, that is how every restaurant should treat their clients — and not only a restaurant. That is an admirable example of conducting a business. That is the way to make sure, that every damn friend of mine will find out about this fact and should opportunity arise, will be dragged into this restaurant, just to show that this is for real. I applaud to you, Glen. This was a fantastic evening, and you have saved it in every possible way.