Monday, 15 September 2014

Geeky car insurance

My car insurer of choice - Aviva - takes an interesting approach to estimating the risk score. We all heard about insurers who want to install an extra little box to your car which will estimate your driving style, yada yada. Aviva actually employed slightly different approach: you install an app on your phone, and then check in at every start and end of journey. Once you've driven 200 miles with the app, your driving style is evaluated and you can receive a hefty discount (up to 20%, really) on your insurance premiums.


This way no one actually tells you to install the box or the app - but if you do that, you can save few extra quid on your car insurance - for some of the younger drivers insurance premiums can be crippling, so this would be a really good deal (and admit it, some although not all younger drivers can benefit of some err ... improvements with regards to their driving style).

What do you think of this approach? Would you install such an app?