Tuesday, 28 November 2017

The end of headphones saga - Bowers Wilkins PX and Bose QC 35.

So a short while ago I was complaining about Sony's 1000XM2, which I, after some suffering, ended up returning to Amazon. That left me in a situation when I was in the market for noise-cancelling around-ears, again.

I must say I am somewhat biased - my last two models of travel headphones were Bose QC25 and Bose's again SoundLink around-ears, and they've been performing great. Obviously QC25 is out of question now that my Pixel 2 doesn't fancy a headphone jack (and frankly I'm not at all keen on wired travel headphones).

After lurking around, I first settled on Bowers Wilkins PX. I played with them for almost two weeks, and it was a mixed bag. On the positive side, sound quality is frankly better than anything else I've tried in the wireless department - it is that audiophile-grade 'clear' sound which is neither too bassy nor too strong on middles. Noise cancellation was also really good, and it was not suffering Sony's problem of "movement compensation". Finally, they did look absolutely gorgeous - leagues beyond Sony and Bose.